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I was ten when my uncle introduced me to the world of black and white film developing and printing. Fascinated by the chemical reactions and creativity in the darkroom, I was hooked. 

The whole of my teens I wanted to be a photographer and my first real job was working in a sixty-minute photo processing lab on South Malton Street, just off Oxford Street in London. I mixed the chemicals for the colour processing for film and image printing.

Unfortunately or fortunately my career took a new path following the money working for an Oil and Gas consultancy company looking after all their reproduction of images and printing of maps and figures. This led me to coming out of the dark-room and into the world of cartography and graphic design.

Over the years, my eye for composition and balance has rewarded me with some amazing images. My continual journey into this wonderful world of light and expression is an adventure following my passion to create art that moves me and connects my images with you...

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