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Studio Portraits

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Introducing Crystabel my niece, who happily sat for an hour whilst I tried out my new studio setup.

Welcome to my blog post.

It's been an exciting few months setting up my new studio in a dedicated space at the rear of my home. Not the biggest studio one could imagine, but plenty big enough to have a few models posing in-front of a selection of backdrops. I have a few studio strobes and plenty of modifiers which I picked up relatively cheaply to get some amazing results.

“Have you captured my best side yet?”

After a hundred or so images fired off at a Crystabel, trying a myriad of poses I got a few and I think I may have captured her best side LOL. CBS or 'Chronic Bowel Syndrome' to her mum, has a great sense of humor and will appear repeatedly throughout my portfolio.

the technical Bit

I shoot with a Sony A7RIII and on this particular image I used the Sony GM 70-200. Shot was taken at f5.6 100sec. I used one main keylight with an octabox modifier and a reflector bouncing light back up into her face. Image was captured in RAW and processed in Photoshop.

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