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As I remember, a magical awe inspiring location. So happy to be sharing this amazing place with my boys.

Found a bit of a beach to set my tripod up to capture this magnificent view of Half Dome, one of the jewels in the park. As you can see we were spoilt with beautiful weather, I would have preferred some dramatic clouds, but I'm not complaining.

El Capitan, another jewel, Mecca for climbers displaying a sheer granite wall of granite. It's so huge climbers sleep on this thing as its too big too climb in one day. I used my wide angle to capture the entirety of this mega rock and used my 200mm zoom to pickup the climbers.

Once in the park and secured a parking spot, it's easy to hop on and off the free shuttle bus taking you around the valley floor to all the sights. Would love to be here in early spring when the waterfalls are gushing.

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